Zonecheck Addressable.

"The only certified sprinkler testing and monitoring system."

NicNac AB have partnered with Project Fire Products to bring the latest, fully approved and code compliant fire sprinkler technology to Scandinavia and the Baltic regions.

Zonecheck Addressable is the only approved fire sprinkler alarm, monitoring and fully automated testing system. With our addressable technology your building remains code compliant 24/7.

See how it works below.   

All components are approved for life safety, other detection systems are not built to any standards.

Case Study

Project Fire's automated and sustainable fire sprinkler testing and monitoring system, Zonecheck Addressable, has been installed in Vrinnevi and NÄL Hospitals in Sweden. Both Hospitals are undergoing large renovations to expand, modernise and innovate their healthcare facilities.

Zonecheck Addressable is a crucial part of the renovation and expansion of the sprinkler systems for Vrinnevi Hospital in Norrköping. The system will fully automate the flow-switch testing which will save time, money and water and energy while providing a fully addressable system for the flow-switches, testing pumps and monitored valves. The system can also send information to the hospital's management system via SCADA to provide a real-time, digital information loop for system status and fire alarm conditions which accurately monitor remote fire incidents and faults from a centralised location.

Zonecheck Addressable was also the clear choice for flow-switch testing on the newly installed sprinkler system at NÄL Hospital in Trollhättan. The fully automated soft testing of the flow switches saves time and eliminates wasted water from manual testing. 

Approved sprinkler technology

Sustainable alarm valve testing. 

Bellcheck is fully approved and takes all the hassle out of weekly routine alarm valve testing.

Gemini pre action sprinkler head. 

Gemini allows the use of sprinklers in areas where accidental release would cause damage.

Sprinkler system modifications. 

Livetap is a major innovation for making modifications to sprinkler systems. No drain down is required, making it the simplest, fastest and most cost effective way to make modifications while complying with all Fire Sprinkler System Codes.

Automated testing and monitoring. 

Zonecheck Addressable is the worlds first approved addressable system for sprinkler testing and monitoring.

All products are fully approved to the relevant national and international code standards and approvals.

"The standard in fully approved, code compliant sprinkler technology."