The only certified sprinkler testing and monitoring system. 

Zonecheck Addressable is the only approved and code compliant fire sprinkler alarm, monitoring and automated testing system in the world.

Take complete control of your sprinkler system with Zonecheck Addressable, the fully approved, smart, life safety system that monitors and manages your sprinkler system remotely. It instantly notifies you of the location of any fire or faults, and fully automates your testing routine. It brings peace of mind for monitoring, testing and code compliance.

How it works

Each zone has its own Zonecheck, IMM and zone valve. The IMMs a re wired (as part of a looped system) back to the addressable controller where all of the Zonechecks and local zone valves (or external fire equipment) in the loop are monitored. In the event of a fire, the exact location of the first flow-switch to activate is dis played on screen. The information received by the controller can then be relayed to a building's main fire alarm panel, Building Management Systems or other compatible devices.

During testing, a 'test' command is transmitted via the looped system to the IMM(s). Each IMM operates its local Zonecheck pump and monitors the flow-switch operating time. If the flow-switch operates in compliance with code standards, the IMM records a 'pass' and transmits the result back to the controller. If the flow-switch does not operate, or operates outside of the code standards required timing, the IMM records a 'fail', relays the information back to the controller and automatically turns off the pump.

The system is constantly being monitored via the IMMs, relaying status of all components installed on the loop back to the controller where an internal log of all events is stored.


The system is approved to UL 346. This means the controller, IMMs and Zonechecks are approved as an addressable system for testing and monitoring. Zonecheck is approved to LPCB, VdS, UL and FM. Zonecheck Addressable also complies with key principles of life safety codes and is compliant to BS EN 12845, BS EN 12259-5, NFPA and FM. 

Other addressable systems are fabricated on-site and are not approved to any standards.

  • Fully approved
  • Code compliant to BS EN 12845, NFPA 25 & FM
  • Life safety compliant
  • Automated flow-switch testing
  • Around the clock monitoring of system components and devices
  • Printed test records via a local printer
  • 100% water saving
  • Gives exact location of primary alarm in the event of a fire
  • Auxiliary contacts for external fire equipment/devices
  • Soft testing facility

Technical Specifications

Approvals - LPCB, FM, UL, VdS
Operating voltage - 240v 50z
Full load current - 0.93A
Power rating - 195w
IP rating - IP43
Working pressure - 12 bar (175 psi)

Contact rating - 10A @ 125/250 AC
triggering flow rate - 30 - 57 litres per min
static pressure - 17.25 bar (250 psi)
Operating temperature - 0°C - 49°C

Controller and IMM
Approvals - UL
Mains power supplies - 120 - 240 VAC 50/60Hz - 250w max
PCB voltage rating - 120 - 240 VAC 50/60Hz - 250w max

Type - Fire resistant screened
Conductors size - 1.5mm2 / 2.5mm2           
Max loop length - 3km / 4.5km
Max IMMs per loop - 1000

Number of outputs - 1
Type - Relay, volt free, single pole. changeover/switched mains for pump
Max switching current - 3A resistive
Max switching voltage - 230 VAC, 30v DC
Relay 1 (fire condition) - Active when a flow-switch is triggered, not under a test situation (soft testing).
Switched mains (pump) - 250 VAC - 3A

Mains power supply - 110 - 230 VAC 50/60Hz
Addressable loop IN - 
Addressable loop OUT - 
Flow-switch input - Monitors a flow-switch
Monitored valve input - Monitors and external device

Battery - 2x12v and 1x6v (7Ah)

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